At The ArchPlace Interiors, we plan, organize, design, execute, and manage the entire project, or portions of it as the case may be, all while keeping our client’s best interests at the forefront.

An Exemplary End Results...

We are a full service interior design firm, operating in the heart of Lagos for over a decade.

Our services encompasses both residential and commercial design, offering services ranging from minor furniture updates, window treatments, color scheme refreshments, décor accessories (such as art, plants, area rugs etc), wall and floor coverings such as (wood flooring, 3D boards, fluted wall panel, wallpaper etc), to extensive whole-house renovations and project supervision.

Our Expertise...


Window Treatments

Understanding a room’s overall functionality helps give it a sense of direction in terms of the interiors. We often add curtains, drapery or blinds to give a more aesthetic or functional covering to windows and in turn, a more appeal to the overall space.


Furniture Updates/Arrangement

For a space to be more functional and aesthetic it requires components like well arranged furniture. Often time, interior design alone is never enough. We’ll always integrate your space with furniture and accessories to give it a harmonious interaction .


Lighting design & fixtures

When selecting a light fixture for your space, we always consider the room’s size, the ceiling’s height and the overall design style. Since we know that a well-placed light fixture can improve the ambiance of a room and serve as a focal point.


Wall & Floor Coverings

We’ll usually consider wear and tear to high traffic areas like the living room, kitchen etc. when selecting wall and flooring materials. Fluted wall panel, wallpaper, vinyl, laminates, and wood flooring are some of the sturdy and resistant to scratches materials we often consider.


Colour Coordination & Refreshments

We know that colour selection determines the success or failure of a decorative scheme. So, we’ll always assist you in coordinating the colour scheming of your space to unify your furnishings and finishes to produce a cohesive and pleasing result for your project..

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