are you looking for unique interior design firm that is committed, reliable and can work within your budget? then,

The ArchPlace Interiors is the place to be...

We are a leading interior design solutions firm with specialty in delivering superior projects within your budget and remain supportive even after your project ends.

With The ArchPlace Interiors...

You have the benefit of professional advice and follow-through service from purchase to delivery and installation.

What We Do



Full Interior Design Concept

With our vast experience in space planning, interior design and  documentation, we’ll work closely with you to create innovative and functional designs that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.  


Material Management

We’ll select the best materials for your project while considering durability and aesthetic appeal. We’ll manage the purchase and delivery of all materials, ensuring they arrive on time and within budget, so your project stays on schedule.


Project Management

With our expertise we’ll handle every aspect of your project, from budgeting and procurement to designs and installation. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the job is completed within budget, to the highest quality, on time … all the time!

Most Recent


We always welcome projects of any size and scope because sometimes the smallest projects can be the most complex, challenging, and often, the most rewarding.

Our client list ranges from individuals, well established firms and brands to new start-up companies. We primarily focus on Corporate, Hospitality and Retail environments but always welcome new challenges.

Though we are currently based in Lagos, many of our Project’s sites have actually been scattered throughout the entire federation.                                                                                            

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