At The ArchPlace Interiors, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations with our conceptualized design solutions. Our collaborative approach ensure seamless execution of projects to the highest standards.

Living Room

The floor plan is 12×18 ft. Sized to fit around 6 to 10 people at a time. Furniture placed at ideal locations to ensure enough walking space between each piece of furniture.


The floor plan for this bedroom goes with a dimensions of 14×10 ft. The client especially adores the enormous space created after we arranged the room.


The floor plan dimensions of  12×10 ft. was particularly designed to ensure sufficient storage and ultimate efficiency.  


The floor plan of this dining area has a dimensions of 12×14 ft. The dining table and chairs are made according to standard measurements. 


This office furniture was designed to create productive work/training environments, with a 12 mm German sturdy laminate flooring considering the high traffic nature of the space.

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